Weekend Gem: The Three Fingered Jack Loop

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This Around The Mountain Trail has different milages depending on how you slice it. You can camp at the spectacular Canyon Creek Meadows and take a way trail that follows the main stream and then up to the PCT, a total of 18 miles. Or, hike to Minto Pass and enjoy the Wasco Lake Basin […]

Triple Trip Tip #1

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Trying to decided which mountain lake to go to can be a daunting task when there are so many variables. What is the snow level on the slopes you will be traveling? How many people are likely to be there when we arrive to camp? Is this the best spot to spend the night in […]

Weekend Gem: The Green Goat Loop

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This 28-mile loop in the rugged Mt. Margaret Backcountry has something for everyone. From the old growth forests near the Green and Goat Rivers that narrowly escaped being completely clear-cut for their abundant stands of firs and cedars, to the high mountain vistas of Tumwater and Goat Peaks that hover over their surroundings providing ever-changing […]