All things big and small…

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Being present mentally is perhaps the best benefit to trail life. I feel like every time I am out in the mountains, some of the smallest things propel me into thinking about deeper subjects like my place on earth and how important every living thing is in the big picture, here are some examples.

Mt. Adams: Round The Mountain Route

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In Ira Spring’s guidebook South Cascades & Olympics, he wrote about the 34 mile Round The Mountain Trail “There has been and never can be a trail”. Those words ring true today as you traverse The Great Gap, a 4.5 mile section between the Hellroaring Viewpoint to the end of Avalanche Valley which lies on […]

Made in the shade: The Green River Valley

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Wow, this summer in Portland has been hot! To escape the heat and refuel, I like to emerge myself in some of the close old growth valleys that are scattered in various wilderness areas around. When you are surrounded by trees of this magnitude, it feels to me as if time is slowing down involuntarily. […]