One Day Wilderness: St. Helens Lake overlook

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The Boundary Trail is a 56 mile trail from the Mt. St. Helens area to Council Lake near Mt. Adams, it follows the border of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. I have hiked a bunch of sections of the Boundary, but I feel that certain stretches are simply more scenic than others. Drive Hwy. 5 […]

All things big and small…birds!

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Being present mentally is perhaps the best benefit to trail life. I feel like every time I am out in the mountains, some of the smallest things propel me into thinking about deeper subjects like my place on earth and how important every living thing is in the big picture. From Gray Jays that try […]

Momentous Adventures-The Wallowa’s Mighty Minam Loop

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This 112 mi. loop explores the west and central parts of this intriguing landscape. We started at Cougar Ridge ¬†for our 12 day trip, dropped down to the Minam River and took it upstream to the Little Minam headwaters in a lovely meadowy bowl. We then dropped down to Lackey’s Hole and back down to […]