Trail Tales-Goats At The Robins

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As an old friend and I were climbing the rooty way up to the Robin Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness one wet morning, he was telling me about this lakes basin ongoing problem with domesticated mountain goats. He liked to exaggerate when telling a story, so I took this fact with a grain of […]

Weekend Gem-The Northern Lost Coast Trail

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In the spring when the mountains are heavy with snow, my thoughts drift to a coast backpacking adventure. Surely, one of the best choices is the Lost Coast in Northern California, among the handful of undeveloped stretches of beach on West Coast. Here you will find miles of sunny spring ¬†flower meadows, quiet coves and […]

Gear Closet-Goosefeet’s Down Socks

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I have nothing but good things to say about my Goosefeet Socks, they are an incredible investment in a good night’s sleep. Sometimes when you go to sleep in the backcountry it can be hard to settle in to your sleeping bag and get warm, especially when a storm has crept in or your feet […]