Weekend Gem-The Eastside Loop

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Sure, everyone has the Mt. Rainier’s Wonderland Trail or the Northern Loop on their bucket list. But, those who seek out quieter, less traveled trails will love the Eastside Loop. This Loop utilizes the Wonderland, Owyhigh and Eastside Trails for a polar opposite experience from a isolation perspective. On half of the Loop, you hike […]

Gear Closet-Goosefeet’s Down Vest

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After searching a while for the perfect down coat, I settled on a vest. For me, a 6″5′ ft. guy, it was seemingly impossible to find the right cut coat that had the correct length of sleeve and was long enough too. So after a lifetime of disliking them, I decided that a vest was […]

One Day Wilderness-Summerland

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Some wilderness places are so mesmerizing that they captivate the people that visit them time and time again, Summerland is one of these places. Subalpine meadows stretch to rocky expanses under the shadow of Little Tahoma, while icy streams drain the glaciers empty into tarns of green. Spend a day (or two) wandering this idyllic […]