Weekend Gem-Jade’s Surprise Loop

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The Alpine Lakes Wilderness holds a lot of amazing places in it’s core. From high windswept ridges to deep blue lakes tucked into the granitic mountainsides, it’s got it all. This 36 mile trip takes you up cascading Deception Creek from Rd. 6088 to it’s Pass and onward into the meadowy expanse below Marmot Lake, where you […]

Momentous Adventures -The Three Sisters Loop

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This is the grand slam of Central Oregon’s Three Sisters area, as you get to see most of the best spots in one fantastic trip. Start off on this 59 mile loop that includes a vast wild flower meadow, deep green lakes and high passes that get you closer to this volcanic family. It is […]

Weekend Gem-The Wild Olympic’s North Coast

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The Olympic Coast is the best place in Northwest to get better acquainted with the Pacific Ocean in my opinion. Over 50 miles of sandy beaches give way to rugged sea stacks of all shapes and quiet coves invite the traveler to sit down for a spell and enjoy. All three sections have their best […]