Weekend Gem- Bikepacking Lopez Island

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Do you need a little break from city life and/or looking for a friendlier, kinder face in today’s complex world. I do believe that Lopez in the San Juans could be the remedy for your dilemma, like a bit of sun on a cloudy day. There is a lot of different ways to tour Lopez, […]

Timeless Trails-The old Washingon Cascade Crest Trail

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The first southern route of the CCT followed trails probably made by the Mountaineers around 1919 to get to their lodge at Lodge Lake, and past that, followed their trail from the lodge towards Rockdale station.┬áThe first northern route of the CCT, in 1938, went up Commonwealth Creek to Red Pass, and down to Goldmeyer, […]

Weekend Gem-Chambers Lakes

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  The Chambers Lakes area in between South and Middle Sisters is one of the finest destinations in the Oregon Cascades, in my opinion. You can traverse in between the Sisters and hike around Middle and North Sisters or just the South Sister. Spend the day doing a non-technical climb to the top of Middle […]