Curious Critters: Great Horned Owl

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This majestic bird with it’s long, earlike tufts, intimidating yellow-eyed stare, and deep hooting voice, the Great Horned Owl is the quintessential owl of storybooks. This is one of the most common owls in North America, equally at home in deserts, southeast wetlands, mixed forests, grasslands, backyards, cities, and almost any other semi-open habitat between […]

Curious Critters: The American Mink

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When traveling the extensive river trails in the Smokies, you should keep your eyes peeled for the American Mink. The mink is a semi-aquatic animal that makes it’s home in burrows along stream and river banks. These crafty critter’s burrows generally have several openings to allow them to appear unexpectedly close to prey, though they […]