Gear Closet-Goosefeet Down Coat

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When looking for a new down coat for my winter adventures, I decided to give to Ben from Goosefeet a call to put in a order. After a fruitless couple of months of looking for the “right coat” with a good amount of quality down fill and a slim fit to hug my skinny build. […]

Gear Closet-Goosefeet’s Down Vest

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After searching a while for the perfect down coat, I settled on a vest. For me, a 6″5′ ft. guy, it was seemingly impossible to find the right cut coat that had the correct length of sleeve and was long enough too. So after a lifetime of disliking them, I decided that a vest was […]

Fresh air: The bivy/tarp sleeping set up

Sleeping in the outdoors is awesome, there’s no question about that. The sounds of running water, birds chirping, seeing the stars-it’s the best. A tent is the traditional way to sleep in the outdoors, and while I use a tent sometimes, my preferred way is to sleep is in a bivy sack with a tarp […]