Ten essentials plus…

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Most hikers know about the ten essentials and how important they can be for everyday trail activities or to get you out of a fix. I thought that it would be good to highlight what exact items I use, or have replaced with something I can double up uses for. Also, I feel that the […]

Suluk 46 CT Wood Burning Stove Review

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  Suluk 46 makes high quality ultralight titanium gear in Canada. I got their tiny wood burning stove as a gift this Christmas from my brother, Jason.  After using a Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove for the last couple of years I decided that it was a little too big and burly for my cooking style-check […]

Goosefeet Down Balaclava

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I wasn’t sure if I really needed a balaclava- they’re kinda funny-looking, but as I found out, they’re seriously functional despite their appearance. I bought this Goosefeet Gear balaclava from Z-Packs last fall, but Goosefeet now offers them on their website as well. This balaclava is filled with water resistant 850 fill goose down that […]