Our Adventure Kits have all the key pieces of gear for a fantastic ultralight backpacking adventure! Simply pick out a Adventure Kit that fits you physically and get ready for a great trip. I have selected the finest gear from some of my favorite cottage companies in North America, small operations that are pushing the envelope for UL innovation, design and craftsmanship. Each of my MLD Exodus Packs is designed to take a max load of 25lbs, but that won’t be an issue, as all of the gear in each Kit weighs about 6 lbs. or less. We aim for a base weight (all the gear and clothing you are carrying minus food and water) of 1o lbs but that weight is some what flexible. So, if you carry 2 liters of water (4.4lbs.), plus 1 1/2lbs. of food a day, that is a total weight of less than 20lbs for a 4 day trip! Also, if your trip has a lot of streams and/or lakes, you can cut down on that water weight and carry a liter instead. Ask me about trip planning for your next backpacking loop, if its in the Pacific Northwest, chances are that I have hiked the area before and would be more than glad to help you plan a daily itinerary with camps that match your parties hiking style and needs.

With over 18 years of experience in the outdoors, I am certain that we can get you out the door and on your way to a wonderful mountain adventure. Other shops around town may charge less for renting mainstream gear, but you are not getting the highest quality UL equipment either, so you may be carrying twice as much weight which will translate to a lower quality wilderness experience, its just that simple.

Rental Policies:

The Adventure Kit is $127 for a three day rental and $42 for each additional day/night or a week for $250. Shipping days are included in the rental, the total shipping price will be added to your order. After your order has been placed, an email will be sent confirming your dates, shipping address and total price  I will ship the gear by US Mail to your home or office, or if you are going on a trip in the Smokies, I will deliver it to you personally.  A $200 credit card deposit will be held until the gear is returned to Get Out and then promptly returned to you. Gear must be returned in reasonable shape, (I am talking issues of neglect, not normal wear and tear) trail dust does not apply! All gear will be cleaned before use with microbe-based cleaner Mirazyme from Mcnett Corporations in Bellingham Washington, a long trusted name in gear repair and care.

Other gear needed:

1. The ten essentials, besides a headlamp, check them out here.

2. Extra clothes, running shoes, rain gear

3. A water bladder/bottle (I’ve got the filter!)

If you have any questions at all, give me a call or an email.

Happy trails,





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