Curious Critters: The American Mink

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When traveling the extensive river trails in the Smokies, you should keep your eyes peeled for the American Mink. The mink is a semi-aquatic animal that makes it’s home in burrows along stream and river banks. These crafty critter’s burrows generally have several openings to allow them to appear unexpectedly close to prey, though they […]

Momentous Adventures: Gregory with Hannah and Ace Gap Loop

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This fantastic 56 mile loop has the goods, a huge Bald, lots of ridge walking with open view points, remote river valleys teaming with wildlife. Some of the trails are mostly flat and easy going while other climbs like up to Gregory Bald or the accent to gain Rich Mtn’s ridgeline are quite challenging. The […]

My Special Season-Bears in Winter

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This new post will focus on what makes the Smoky Mountains special in a given season, this one is about bears in the Park and the surrounding areas during winter. One misunderstood fact regarding hibernators in the Southern Appalachians is the black bear and it’s hibernating habits. Whereas critters like chipmunks (true hibernators) almost always […]